30 Years A Geek

I’ve never been one to do New Year’s resolutions, however during this holiday season I have determined to be more diligent and disciplined in journaling and reflecting. Not just for the coming year, but for the rest of my journey.

So, this morning while sitting at Starbucks, I got to thinkin’ about my 30 year carrier in computers and related technologies. 30 years basically qualifies me as a dinosaur in the industry. That duration is not great if I’d be looking for a new job, but it helps in resolving problems that befuddles many of the young bucks because they don’t understand “what’s under the hood” and the layers of “how systems came to be”. The past three decades was filled with many frustrations and long nights for me. But this morning it dawned on me how things have changed.

I sit here typing away on my iPad Mini while having breakfast at Starbucks. I scan though my six accounts of new email and a variety of social media while munching on a bagel. Then I look over my Instapaper (a service where I grab web articles that are of personal interest, saved with a single touch, and formatted for reading in beautiful typography that is free of distracting ads and flashy-things) and read a story or three. Everything just works, and it has for some time. My phone (currently a 64gig iPhone 5S) is my most personal computer and it mirrors everything on my iPads. And they mirror most of the critical data on my laptop and servers at home and at the office, with the most critical data within reach from anywhere via a variety of cloud services. And, it all just works. After all those years of frustration, it just works.

I haven’t thought about this often, but in recent years the computer industry has matured to a point where I don’t really have to think about keeping things up and running. And I have such a brilliant workflow provided by these tools and systems that allow me to be more productive and more relaxed than I’ve ever been. And it’s actually enjoyable!

I couldn’t have dreamed of or ventured in my wildest imagination that I’d have a portable wireless computer, phone, still and video camera, entertainment system, game system, compass and GPS comfortably lying in my front pants pocket. So comfortably, I might add, that I often have to reach down to check to make sure it’s there! A device so energy efficient that with a additional battery case I can basically use it non-stop for a day. A device so powerful that I’m able to edit HD video, remotely control any of my computers, at home or at the office while talking on the speaker phone no less! A device that has hardware specifications that humiliate an enterprise server of less than a decade ago. A device that’s so aesthetically pleasing it’s a delight to use. And it just works.

I can’t imagine what the next 30 years holds!